Another tournament in the books!! #congratulations to all the athletes participating in #vbbeach tournament powered by #volleyamericajuniors

Gold: Mia/Lauren
Silver: Julia/Ariana
Gold: Audrey/Jenna
Silver: Kate/Kaitlin
Gold: Anna/Emma
Silver: Kate/Ava
Gold: Lilly/ Maddie
Silver: Chantal/ Maylin

Congratulations to our VB Beach tournament finishers
VB Beach events powered by Volley America
Awarded players will receive a bid to Volley America Junior Nationals
July 25-27 in Atlantic City,NJ

U18 Gold: Paige & Nieya
U18 Silver: Mania & Alana

U16 Gold: Bri & Isa
U16 Silver Sierra & Chloe

U14 Gold: Kenyce & Aubrey
U14 Silver: Ava & Kalei

U12 Gold: Katie & Kellie
U12 Silver: Paige & Maggie

Very successful weekend for our players. Thanks to Dig the Beach Series for hosting such an amazing event!

Brook Bauer & Kim Hildreth
1st place Women's Open
▪️Brianna Diaz & Isa Lizaso
1st place 16s Gold
▪️Jillian Cangelosi & Mackenzi
1st place in 18s Gold
▪️Paige Ducffack & Lara Torruella
3rd place in 18s Gold
▪️Lilly Richman & Maddie Bobes
4th place in 18s Gold
▪️Monica Franciss and Manaia Rewi
2nd place in 16s Gold
▪️Chantel McMillan & Emery Pillsbury
4th place in 18s Gold
▪️coach Piotr Marciniak
1st place in Men's Open
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VB Beach wins by 5 points

Marielle and Kaila came out 1st in their pool (3-0) Then 2nd in the next pool of 1 seeds.

Maz & Jill came out 1st in their pool (3-0) Then 1st in the next pool of 1 seeds. 

Diana & Nicoletta came out 2nd in their pool (2-1) Then 3-1 in the next pool of 2 seeds
Lily & Chantel came out 3rd in their pool (1-2) Then 2-2 in the next pool of 3 seeds. 

Paige & Chantel came out 2nd in their pool (2-1) Then 1-3 in the pool of 2 seeds. 

Elie & Avery came out 3rd in their pool (1-2) Then 1-3 in the pool of 3 seeds.
Brie & Monica came out 3rd in their pool (1-2) Then 2-2 in the pool of 3 seeds. 

In the overall classification VB Beach dominated over NVL Academy and beat Cape Coast Beach Club by 5 points.  


VB Beach had a successful day of matches, going 4:0 in Club vs Club (college format) competition hosted by Be Volley in St. Petersburg, Florida. 
Our new teams competed all day and finished 1st defeating NVL Academy, Cape Coast Beach Club, Be Volley (Paula) and Be Volley (Raquel). 
1. Brook Bauer & 
Chantel McMillan
Paige Duffack & 
Kaila Dorish
3.. Lily Richman & 
Bailey Myott
4. Marielle Diaz & Jamie 
Mazerine Tsuji & Nicoletta 
Diana Ruiz & Brianna Diaz
7. Karrigan McGreevy & Isa Lizaso

3:2 VB Beach vs NVL Academy
4:1 VB Beach vs Be Volley (Paula)
3:2 VB Beach vs Be Volley (Raquel)
3:2 VB Beach vs Cape Coast Beach 

                             Tournament: Dig The Beach
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Date: 11/12 March, 2017

Bailey Myott & Mazerine Tsuji WAA 3RD place
Paige Duffack & Lexi Fitzpatrick WAA 1ST place
Nicoletta DeTorres & Daryn Friedman CoedOpen 5TH place
Brook Bauer & Madison Fitzpatrick WO 5TH place

Brook Bauer & Madison Fitzpatrick U18 1ST place
Jillian Cangelosi & Mackenzie Morris U18 2ND place
Kaila Dorish & Marielle Diaz U18 3RD place
Bailey Myott & Mazerine Tsuji 
3RD place
Paige Duffack & Lexi Fitzpatrick U18 5TH place
Jamie DeRamus & Chantel McMillan U18 5TH place  

"The strength of the team is each individual member. 
The strength of each member is the team."

Tournament: East End Volleyball 
Location: Singer Island
Date: 18-19 February, 2017
Maylin Bouffard & Madelyne May Anderson WO 5TH place
Bailey Myott & Mazerine Tsuji WO 7TH place
Kaila Dorish & Marielle Diaz WO 9TH place
Paige Duffack & Lily Richman 17TH place
Jamie DeRamus & Nicoletta DeTorres WAA 3RD place
Diana Ruiz $ Ana DeCampos WA 1ST place
Avery Reiser & Monica Francis WA 2ND place
Natalia Iturregui & Eliana Burgos WA 3RD place

Maylin Bouffard & Madelyne May Anderson U18 1ST place
Bailey Myott & Mazerine Tsuji U18 3RD place
Paige Duffack & Lily Richman U18 5TH place
Nicole Baer & Audrey Hodge U14 2ND place
Riley Baer & Zoey Benedict U12 1ST place


Players committed to play at FSU, UCLA, FIU, PEPERDINE and
FAU squared off in the second college style event of the beach
season. The level was very high and many of the matches 
required a 3rd set to decide a winner. VB Beach teams were
especially impressive in the windy conditions, winning 
all 15 matches over the course of the day. The last and final
match of the day was no different. Lexy Denaburg/ Riliegh
Powers( UCLA commits ) matched up against Brook Bauer/
Bailey Myott ( PEP/ FAU commits ) at the 1 seed. Bauer/ Myott
got out to an early lead in the first set and held on to win 21-18.
The second set was all Cape Coast until a late push by Bauer/
Myott  tied the game late. However Denaburg/ Powers were
able to hold on playing some great defense to earn the last real
point of the set for 24-22. The third set was back and forth
again with thunderous swings from both sides of the net.
However Bauer/ Myott were able to put away the match with
key digs and put aways to finish. The 3rd set finished 15-13 to
Bauer/ Myott and gave VB Beach its 15th match win of the day!

12/11 at Club Med- VB Beach took home first place honors this
weekend at Club vs Club event. The event featured clubs from
Tampa, Vero, Cocoa, Port St. Lucie and Boca. Each club plays its 
best 5 teams against the best 5 teams from competing clubs
and the first club to win 3 matches winning the overall club
match. The tournament used every last drop of daylight and 
then some. The last match between eventual winners and 2nd
place NVL, finished around 6:15pm. The 2 seed Kaila Dorish/ Bailey 
Myott won a marathon match against Hailey Cabecerias/ Jess 
Maxson 26-24 in the 3rd set!